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Massage Therapy - The Benefits Are Endless

Once you discover the many benefits of receiving regular massage therapy through professionals in your area, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Our goal is to provide a therapeutic massage approach to your specific needs. Obtaining regular bodywork is essential to your well being in many ways.
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What would a typical massage therapy session be like?

The typical massage therapy session may last from 30 to 90 minutes, with some being up to 120 minutes. Clients should expect their massage therapist to begin with a brief overview of standard practices with a new client and review any current symptoms, the client medical history and postural assessment as part of the total time. For a standard full body massage (or Swedish massage), therapists will ask the client to disrobe to their level of comfort. The client will be instructed to lie face-down or face-up, under a sheet on a padded massage table. Some tables may have heated or other padded underlayers. Your therapist will then step out of the room while the client follows the directions given. Massage therapists are required to make sure clients are covered by a sheet at all times and only the body part being massaged will be exposed.

Expect the therapist to knock on the door to see if the client is ready for the session. The therapist may need to adjust the table’s face rest or bolster pillow to ensure client comfort and proper positioning. The room may have relaxing music playing and clients may be asked if the temperature in the room is too warm or too cold and an adjustment can be made for those needs.

A lotion or light oil may be used on the skin to lessen friction when beginning the massage. Typically a full body massage will begin on the back and then move next to the legs. Clients will be asked to turn over once the back is finished so the massage then can continue with arms, legs, neck and so on.

When the massage is completed, the therapist will leave the room, allowing for the client to have a few minutes to get dressed. When the therapist returns, they will typically ask the client for some feedback on the massage to assess the work and overall client experience. This review time will likely be used to plan and manage the next massage treatment. Afterward the next appointment may be scheduled before the client or therapist leaves.

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