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5 Fast and Essential Massage Therapy Marketing Ideas

Be Sure To Have These Basics In Place For Your Massage Business!

Massage Therapy Marketing Tools are the core of building and maintaining client relationships.

Massage Therapy Phoenix AZ

Massage Therapy Phoenix AZ

Your short and long term survival depends on this. So, why are so many licensed massage therapists not marketing their services effectively or at all? While there are countless reasons, start with a manageable list like the one that follows here and then get add advanced ideas afterward. Here are 5 easy and effective marketing ideas for massage therapists to do right away:

1) Start your online marketing and get your massage website up! The web is your 24 hour window for business and without it you are being left behind and can’t be found. Use a mentor and get this done first.

2) Networking your massage business offline – This is so necessary whether it’s business to business, bartering or related fields – you need to be meeting and greeting, sharing what you do and promoting what you will do and the benefits of massage.

3) Massage Business Cards – Pass out like candy! So simple, yet so often not done. If everyone had your card, it would be hard NOT to create more business and increase your total clients. Take a look at your current cards. Are they current, does the message sell and do they look good overall? Get Business Cards Free Now.

4) Social networking on Facebook, Twitter, etc… Integrate these into your site! Start today. Get a mentor or use a service and create your brand. Join some forums in the Massage Niche there. It should be obvious that 500 million people on Facebook are a good idea to be in touch with? You still hear some say they aren’t on Facebook even with a personal page and usually they are the ones that also have no business!

5) Relationship Marketing: A Client Contact System – Standard Practice here for follow up. This sets you apart from everyone and gives you a personal connection with your clients. Market through specials anytime just by pushing a button. Learn how to do this and what system is the most effective before your competition does, and trust us, they will.

Start with at least one of these massage marketing tools today and get them in place. Your success depends on it, don’t risk falling behind, grow your business in massage therapy and thrive this coming year!

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Here are three recommended sources to start your massage therapy website/blog: Get your domain name Here: GoDaddy and the hosting “middle plan” Here: Hostgator, you will need AWeber soon as well to build your online massage therapy marketing list too!

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